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Debut Book Release & New Website by Marcia E Herman-Giddens

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

I have written a book! Please look at my just released website,, which introduces Unloose My Heart: A Personal Reckoning with the Twisted Roots of My Southern Family Tree to be published by the University of Alabama Press in January 2023.

Unloose My Heart is the story of my youth in Jim Crow Birmingham interwoven with my civil rights activities, social justice questions, research, and journeys to understand who and what my slaveholding maternal ancestors were, if I benefitted, and my obligations as a white woman within a broader sense of American family. More detail on the book is on the website.

My book blog will keep you updated on pre-publication events, when the book can be pre-ordered, and post-publication events. The blog, which will contain musings and photos on related topics, will appear from time to time. See this link to follow the blog.

I would be honored if you join me in the trajectory. It has been and remains quite an adventure. Thank you.


Marcia Edwina Herman-Giddens


Marcia E Herman-Giddens, Author

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